Attract Visitors – Capture Leads – Retain Customers – Get Referrals

Retain Customers

Ideally, after you have attracted visitors to your site and have captured the leads, your sales team was able to close the sale.  Once you have the customer, wouldn't it be great to keep this customer?

Also, due to the fact that not all of your leads are in the final stages of the buying process, you have to keep the customer engaged in your business and product.  The strategy to keep the customer is the same strategy used to keep the lead.  Relationship Building!

Email Marketing

Send a periodic email to your contact list that sets you apart as the leader in the industry.  Engage them with industry statistics, knowledge, etc.  Answer frequently asked questions or give them relevant information that builds a relationship of trust between you and them.  Put links to recent blogs you think they might enjoy.  An educated consumer will purchase from someone they believe is an industry expert.

Consider the different stages of the buying process when creating emails.  Speak to the consumer looking for information, to the one who is shopping around and to the one who is ready to buy.  Be the marketplace leader.

Frequent Buyers Program

Everyone likes a good deal.  Why not offer your customers a discount for their next purchase or a free item after a certain quantity or dollar amount spent?  Do you appreciate their business?  Make sure they know it.

Social Media

Your customers aren't going to purchase from you a second (or third) time if they don't remember you.  Give them a reason to like your Facebook page or follow your tweets.  This way, you will show up in their news feed.  Staying on the top of their mind will increase the possibility that they'll come to you instead of your competitor.

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