Attract Visitors – Capture Leads – Retain Customers – Get Referrals

Get Referrals

The best way to get a qualified lead is to get a referral from a satisfied customer.  But, how do you encourage your customers to send their friends and family to you?  Before we explain any further, we need to do so with the understanding that for this strategy to work, your business and product must first be referable.  That being said, let's go after those friends and family members!

Friends and Family Programs

Why not offer a special discount for anyone who is referred by one of your valuable customers.  They have taken the time to tell someone about your company.  Show them how much you appreciate it by taking special care of the people they send your way.

Social Media

Social Media is obviously a great strategy in a number of our goals.  Encourage your customers, leads and visitors to share all of the content on your website, blogs, landing pages and emails by always incorporating social media buttons. If the offer is something the consumer likes, maybe they will think their friends will like it as well.  Be sure to use share, like and comment buttons.  Doing this will broaden your reach of referrals and increase web traffic as well.

Strategic Alliances

Create alliances with vendors who complement your product.  When a customer purchases something from you, offer them a large discount for a purchase from one of your strategic alliances.  If the service or product is a natural fit for the product they currently have, giving you a referral may be worth their time.


At the close of the sale, ask satisfied customers for a testimonial.  Another way to get testimonials is to ask the client if they would like to be included in a case study you are doing.  This isn't a referral.  However, it can be used on your website to strengthen your credibility and will help future visitors see that real people are recommending your company


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