Attract Visitors – Capture Leads – Retain Customers – Get Referrals

Capture Leads

When a visitor comes to your site, what do you want them to do?  Is your website an interactive brochure that you'd like them to view anonymously and then leave?  Or would you like them to let you know they were there and give you a form of contact information?

When creating a strategy to capture leads, remember your target audience.  Who do you want to capture?  If you want contact information from qualified leads, you have to think like a buyer.  What reason do they have to give you their information?

The Offer

Contact information for a potential buyer is the most precious asset you can get from an inbound marketing campaign.  What are you willing to exchange for this asset?  What would your target audience be interested in?  Coupons?  A free buyers guide?  A chance to win something?  The sweeter the offer, the greater the chance that they will exchange their information for yours.

Calls To Action (CTA)

Create buttons with eye catching colors with strong calls to action.  Some examples may be:

  • Contact Us
  • Register Now
  • Request a Free Consultation
  • Request a Free Demo
  • Download a Free Buyer's Guide
  • Attend Webinar

While these buttons are essential for any page a visitor may land on, they can be placed in blogs, sub-pages and emails.  CTA buttons are the first step to capturing leads.

Landing Pages and Forms

A landing page is step two in the lead capturing process.  When a visitor clicks on a CTA button, they should link to a landing page.  The landing page needs to give them a compelling reason why they should fill out the attached form.  Remember, just because they clicked on your CTA doesn't mean they are going to give you their contact information.  It just means they have walked into your store.  This landing page is the equivalent of your best sales person walking up and greeting the customer.  The customer still has the right to walk out of the store without buying.  Or in this case, clicking off the page or closing the browser.  Strong landing pages turn your website into the marketing asset you need it to be.


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